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Get more traffic, leads and sales from Google in 90 days or less

Our short-term SEO sprints help us complete 12 months of work in just 12 weeks.

For you, this means higher website rankings and more qualified leads, faster – without wasting time and money on expensive, long-term contracts.

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not ecstatic with your ‘SEO’ results so far.

Let me guess… You’ve been told that you need to wait for “some time” for results to kick-in… Maybe 3 months, 6 months or more. And that’s just to see an uptick in traffic.

We’re not even talking about quality leads and conversions yet.

But the worst part is, you’ve got to keep paying your SEO agency every month for results you haven’t started seeing yet.

There has to be a better way.

Search Shack’s time-tested and proven 3-part Website Growth Framework employs short-term SEO sprints to lay a solid foundation for higher organic sales and growth in 90 days or less.

Our sprints show you how to use data to make smart decisions and take action steps that are measurable and justified.

The result? Higher Google rankings that translate into significant sales growth that can help you recover your investment in less than 90 days.

What People Are Saying

Testimonials from our happy clients!

Highly recommended by our marketing team in Dubai. The Dexter Marine digital footprint increased from nearly negligible to dominance. Within 3 months we marked significant sales growth.

Vincent Weve – Dexter Offshore

An unmatched service for not just improving your SEO, but getting organic results that put your business at the top of search results. Alex brings serious results with a touch of humour.

Chris Adams – CJA Consulting

I had a brilliant experience with Alex. The depth of the analysis was second to none and it made Search Shack a no brainer option for me to go with. Highly recommend.

Freddie Pullen – Studio Nu

Our SEO “Sprint” Methodology

A simple alternative to ineffective, expensive, long term SEO contracts. Pay for what you need, nothing more.

Foundation Sprint

Ensuring that your website is properly structured and built for optimal search engine performance.
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Content Sprint

Identifying mission-critical content – pillar topics, that are your ticket to Page One of search engine results
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Link Sprint

Focussing on acquiring high authority backlinks from vetted, relevant websites.
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From Page 14 to Page 1 on a google search! What more could you want from a company working on your SEO strategy? We are highly impressed with the work of Search Shack. Teaming up with Alex has truly been a breath of fresh air for our online presence. His expertise in SEO techniques has taken our website to exciting new heights, boosting visibility, and bringing in organic traffic like never before. We can’t recommend Search Shack highly enough to any company looking to help supercharge their digital presence.

Clare McIntyre - Mac Pack Removals DubaiClare McIntyre, Mac Pack Removals


Here at Search Shack, we’re so confident in our ability to get you the results you deserve, that in the unlikely event that we don’t get you ranking on Page 1 of Google within 90 days, we will continue to work FOR FREE until we do.
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