We help companies get more customers from Google in 90 days or less, through short term SEO “Sprints”.

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Introducing… “Sprints” – Short-term (hyper focussed) SEO

Our universal seo framework, combined with our knowledge of the e-commerce landscape, gives your business the edge over your competitors

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Stop Rolling The Dice With Your Marketing

You shouldn’t have to pay for the time waiting for your website to rank.

Here at Search Shack, we batch work in short “sprints” that combines our in-house technology with the careful attention of SEO experts, so we’re able to complete 12 months of SEO work in 12 weeks.

Search Shack offers a new alternative to ineffective, long drawn out SEO contracts. We provide an effective way for your WordPress website to rank quickly, without wasting time or money on long-term contracts that can be completed in 12 weeks.

With our proven process, we’ll provide you with the SEO roadmap for more organic sales and traffic.

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Marketing Expert | Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson

Expert SEO Consultant

Stop Rolling The Dice With Your Marketing

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Who is behind Search Shack?

Hi, my name is Alex!

I’ve been running effective SEO campaigns for WordPress websites since 2013. I work with small B2B companies, helping them achieve more qualified leads via my 3-part website growth framework.

Using my tried and tested “Sprint” roadmap, your website will be perfectly positioned to rank in Google.

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