A Small Group of SEO Nerds

With over 24 years of experience combined, we’re more than qualified to bring more customers to your website.

The SEO industry has been lying…

You’ve been told “SEO is an ongoing process”, to sell you on long-term contracts, so payments can be collected on autopilot.

Does SEO require ongoing effort? Absolutely.

However, most of the work done during an SEO campaign is a 1 time action. Most of the time its front loaded, meaning 80% is completed within the first 90 days.

The truth is… once you lay the right foundations, it’s really just a matter of developing new, high quality content and acquiring backlinks. You shouldn’t have to pay a fat retainer every month. That’s why we’ve developed our SEO Sprint Methodology.

We batch work in short “Sprints” that combines our in-house technology with the careful attention of SEO experts.

Our Sprints complete in 12 weeks what a traditional SEO agency accomplishes in 12 months. Faster work means faster results. Our clients see results faster, because we’re focused on completing work that actually moves the needle.

Stop paying for SEO work you don’t need, partner with an agency that’s motivated by results, not retainers.

Meet The Team

Alex Johnson - Search Shack

Alex Johnson

Growth Expert
Alex, our founder, has over 12 years of SEO experience, constantly adapting to the forever changing Google algorithm update. Personally trained from the best, under the tutelage of world renowned SEO expert – Ryan Stewart.

Faraz Ahmed - Search Shack

Faraz Ahmed

Lead Strategist
Faraz has a wealth of digital marketing, technical SEO and advanced certifications under his belt from many of the leaders in the SEO industry including, Google, The University of California, Hubspot, Semrush and the eMarketing Institute.

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