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Artificial Grass Website Growth In 12 Weeks

Published on June 28, 2022

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It’s not often that you have a lightbulb moment that drastically changes the trajectory of a business.

Below, I’ll show you how we managed to turn an emerging artificial grass company into a house hold name around the UK, which led to to an increase of +1027% traffic to their website and HUGE growth in sales… and in just 12 weeks!!

Want to know the simple change that we made?

Read on to find out…

artificial grass seo

An increase of +1027% in users in 12 weeks.

What Was The Company’s Pain Point?

Originally, this (now multi national) company was well into the process of franchising out around the country, but traffic was decreasing and showing very little signs of growth, even though they were opening up more and more locations.

They were so focussed on opening up new offices, that they missed one vital asset that was right under their nose.

What was that asset?

Their already established domain name!

You see, the company had been around for a while and had built up a great reputation, not only with their customers, but also with Google. The website’s domain rating was already into the mid 50’s which was incredible for their industry at the time.

But, what they didn’t do, was think about the structure of the (online) business once they had started setting up new locations.

They didn’t think about how each new franchise would be properly represented online.

What the artificial turf company did was, with each new location, they built a new website and new domain name.

This caused a huge conflict within the search engines.

When potential customers where doing their research and looking for companies to install their fake grass, Google was getting confused about who would be the best listing to show up top in the SERPs.

Take for example, London. Within the area of London alone, they had 5 different locations including the original flagship company – all with different websites.

But what actually happened was that Google started to push the company further down the ranks and eventually off page 1 of the SERPs.

It couldn’t decide which was the best option to show users, so it pushed the whole business off page 1 altogether.


The Solution? A Correct URL Structure

With the domain name having such a good authority, it was clear that we needed to restructure the website and use the original domain name and leverage that authority to help boost all of the new locations that were popping up.

This allowed the new locations to be indexed AND rank faster because they were ‘feeding’ off the original domain name instead of a new one that Google had never heard of before.

It was a simple case of organising the website’s architecture properly, so that it was easier for Google and site users to find all of the company locations on the one website.

We deleted and redirected old url’s to point to new sub folders on the .com website. This made sure that any existing page ranking and authority would be transferred to the new URls that we created in the following structure:

correct url structure

Correct URL Structure

The Results? All the growth!

It seemed like overnight, this simple restructure of the site, consolidating all of the new locations into a correct url structure, resulted in the amazing growth you see in the Google Analytics screen grab above.

Using this newly organised site architecture, along with our Sprint SEO Framework – the original .com domain rating was able to feed into each of the new franchisee locations.

A simple url strategy of;

set the wheels in motion, for exponential growth in the business.

Key Takeaway?

Don’t underestimate the power of a clean site url structure. You need to make it as easy as possible for search engines like Google to find and index your most important pages.

Not having a decent seo strategy could have driven this business into to the ground.

If you’re facing a similar problem with your business, try looking at your site’s url structure first and see what you can leverage of your domain’s authority. You might just be in for a nice surprise!

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