The Foundation Sprint

With solid foundations in place, your website will be ready to begin an SEO campaign.

The truth is, it’s actually pretty easy to figure out how to rank a website in Google. You just need these 3 important things:

Yes, it really is that simple to rank a website, but you need to have the basic foundations in place otherwise all your other efforts will fall apart.

What’s included?

Data, reporting an SEO recommendations.

Technical review + improvements

Since search engine’s algorithm prefers quality websites, we’ll conduct a complete technical analysis to correct on-page errors, like broken URLs or missing meta descriptions, and review your content to check for quality.

technical seo

Analytics scrub + fixes

It’s impossible to make informed decisions about your website without the proper analytical tracking in place. Our analysts will assess your website’s current state and complete a comprehensive audit to update any tracking issues that may be hindering your ability to monitor long-term progress.

analytics review

The website quality audit

Our flagship seo audit, the WQA serves as an integrated SEO roadmap to find, fix and correct all your website’s SEO issues.

seo audit

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Our thoughts compiled into an actionable SEO Strategy workbook. One of our growth advisors will walk you through exactly what needs to be done to put you on top of the search engine results pages.


Implementation session

Once we’ve conducted our full SEO Strategy document, we’ll spend an hour with you on a call, going through our findings and setting out our recommendations for your success on the SERPs.

seo strategy review

The Result?

Once we complete the Foundation Sprint, you’ll receive an actionable and comprehensive SEO ‘roadmap’ that outlines the steps needed in order to achieve the rankings you desire. Our team of experts will walk you through implementing the framework and growing your organic presence.

With a unique SEO framework designed for your online business, your website can improve by answering those all important questions you’ve been searching for:

  • Am I targeting the wrong keywords?
  • Why are my pages not ranking?
  • How can I outrank my competitors?

Bottom line: A personalised SEO campaign can get your business in front of more customers and improve your standings.

Getting Started with Search Shack

Unlike other SEO agencies who force you into expensive contracts, Search Shack’s model is based on your business’s performance, budget, and current ranking status. While many customers choose two to three sprints, it will depend on your SEO goals and won’t require reoccurring work if you don’t want it.

Ready to get started? Talk to one of our growth advisors today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sprints are short periods of time during which our team works to accomplish a specific amount of work on your website. Our Sprints allow for projects and SEO campaigns to be more manageable, making it easier to deliver them faster and more often, focusing on just the tasks that move the needle for your website.

We set a pre-determined schedule of work to be completed. As a client, you have a start date, an end date and you know exactly what work we will be carried out during that period of time. This is a vast difference from traditional agencies who want a monthly retainer and you have no idea what work they are actually carrying out for you.

New clients typically receive one Foundation Sprint, one Content Sprint, and a Link Sprint. Our returning clients, come back once or twice a year for Content SEO Sprints, just to keep the competition behind them.

We do not have any contracts. The sprints are completed quickly, so there’s no need for long-term traditional SEO contracts.

The number of Sprints needed, depends on your website’s current standing, performance and your budget. Most clients use us for 2 – 6 sprints per year. During our consultation call, we will tell you exactly how many SEO Sprints we recommend undertaking.

When purchasing the Foundation Sprint, we charge you a one-time fee based on the number of URL’s on your website. The more URL’s, the larger the effort, the higher the price per Sprint. For the Content Sprint, we charge you a one-time fee based on the number of pieces of content you require. For the Link Building Sprint, we charge you a one-time fee based on the number of backlinks required.