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What To Expect

Overall SEO health

An overall review to assess your website’s current performance.

Areas of improvement

What to change to correct any roadblocks standing in your path.

Growth opportunities

“Low hanging fruit” that you can attack right away for results.

SEO campaign scope

The exact tactics you need to focus on to increase traffic.

Deliverables needed

Mapping our “sprints” to the needs of your site.

Expected results

A realistic scope of how long it will take to meet your goals.

This a complimentary consultation to discuss your business goals and determine if we’re a good fit to work together towards achieving those goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to run the traffic projection tool accurately, we need data about your website, history, and goals.  This is a very quick call and it only takes a few minutes to get all the data that we need.

We have developed a report that goes over the organic traffic potential growth for your website over a 12 month period and we look at your keywords and web pages; basing our report on your current traffic per keyword and potential traffic from your competitors and their keywords.

We quantify your website’s current traffic performance by pulling data from Google Search Console (GSC), Google Analytics (GA), and Ahrefs. We then cross reference how well your website is doing with the total addressable market potential using the data from your competitors keywords. Then we map out your websites organic traffic potential and show how that impacts your leads / sales using click through rate (CTR) + search term traffic volume.

Absolutely NOT! That’s not how we operate. The purpose of this call is get data so we can run the tool for you free of charge and with no strings attached.

We run this tool for you free of charge, so you can become better informed. If you’re better informed, then you can make good decisions before investing in an SEO campaign, whether you decide to work with us or not.

We give you two things.

1. A Google Sheets file with all of your traffic data, your keyword data, plus your competitors keyword data.

2. A visual report in Google Data Studio, which outlines 4 projected growth models, each mapped to SEO strategies you can pursue.

After our analysis, you can keep this data for future use. We’re also going to help you better understand how to take action and grow your organic traffic, based on our findings.