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Introducing our Data-Driven Methodology for Organic Content & SEO—The Content Sprint

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Stop wasting time on content that flops

No buying journey is a linear act. The world’s greatest source of customer intent information—Google’s own behaviour data—shows marketers that the process of learning about a topic, finding solutions to problems, and choosing the right provider is best represented by a constantly-shifting network of questions and search terms.

Enter Pillar-Based Marketing, a new organic seo content creation methodology that leverages search behaviour data to align marketers to the needs of their customers—and blow legacy SEO results out of the water while doing so.

What’s included in the Content Sprint?

Content strategy, pillar topics, content briefs and high ranking content.

Map The Pillar Topic Network

Start by answering a simple question: What are the mission critical topics that my business needs, to be on Page One of search rankings for? Those are your Pillar Topics, and they’re made up of not just of the keywords your business likes, but of a network of every question and query potential customers enter into search engines about those topics—what you need to write about.

Pillar Based Marketing

Identify The Right Topics

Next, examine the thousands of related keywords that appear in a Pillar Topic Network and find patterns. Which queries show up again and again as you explore Google’s recommended searches for each individual keyword? What are the pathways most users end up taking as they enter query after query, working to find a solution to their problem?

Content Strategy

Build A Content Network

Take those critical keywords that are the most connected to each other within your Pillar Topic Network and build a Pillar Strategy that includes Pillar Pages, Sub-Pillar Pages, and Supporting Blogs to target each one. Link them all together into a network that recreates the most critical parts of the real-world network of queries surrounding your Pillar Topic.

SEO Content Writing

Earn Rankings And Traffic

Finally, we publish each piece of content at the same time. Rather than hoping that any individual article earns top rankings and begins driving qualified organic traffic, we’ve optimized your content strategy around your chosen Pillar Topic Network. Each piece supports the rest, driving a near-instantaneous increase in rankings for dozens of keywords.

Increased Traffic & Rankings

The Result?

By unifying best practices around the creation of content and SEO strategies, our Pillar-based marketing framework provides companies with a foolproof roadmap to Page One for even short-tail, broad interest Pillar Topic keywords. No guesswork, no wasted money developing content that won’t rank, and no wasted time waiting six months or longer for rankings to slowly increase.

By prioritising investment in the growth of your content – an appreciating asset that your brand owns forever and grows more valuable over time – Pillar based marketing makes it easier to align pay-to-play strategies to customer pain, as well. The exponential increase in qualified traffic to your domain that comes with the Pillar approach to content bears many fruits, including:

  • Lower Cost-per-Click for paid search.
  • Higher domain authority that makes it easier for new content to rank higher more quickly.
  • Increases in qualified leads.
  • Lower cost per lead.

Welcome to Search Shack’s Content Sprint. And more importantly, welcome to Page One.

Getting Started with Search Shack

Unlike other SEO agencies who force you into expensive contracts, Search Shack’s model is based on your business’s performance, budget, and current ranking status. While many customers choose two to three sprints, it will depend on your SEO goals and won’t require reoccurring work if you don’t want it.

Ready to get started? Talk to one of our growth advisors today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sprints are short periods of time during which our team works to accomplish a specific amount of work on your website. Our Sprints allow for projects and SEO campaigns to be more manageable, making it easier to deliver them faster and more often, focusing on just the tasks that move the needle for your website.

We set a pre-determined schedule of work to be completed. As a client, you have a start date, an end date and you know exactly what work we will be carried out during that period of time. This is a vast difference from traditional agencies who want a monthly retainer and you have no idea what work they are actually carrying out for you.

New clients typically receive one Foundation Sprint, one Content Sprint, and a Link Sprint. Our returning clients, come back once or twice a year for Content SEO Sprints, just to keep the competition behind them.

We do not have any contracts. The sprints are completed quickly, so there’s no need for long-term traditional SEO contracts.

The number of Sprints needed, depends on your website’s current standing, performance and your budget. Most clients use us for 2 – 6 sprints per year. During our consultation call, we will tell you exactly how many SEO Sprints we recommend undertaking.

When purchasing the Foundation Sprint, we charge you a one-time fee based on the number of URL’s on your website. The more URL’s, the larger the effort, the higher the price per Sprint. For the Content Sprint, we charge you a one-time fee based on the number of pieces of content you require. For the Link Building Sprint, we charge you a one-time fee based on the number of backlinks required.